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Recycled Jewelry Helps Save The Environment

Have you looked through the draw filled with jewelry that you no longer wear? Perhaps you inherited some pieces, or your taste has changed over the years. The question now becomes what to do with unwanted gold, platinum, silver and/or gemstones? Come to National Estate Jewelers of East Brunswick and discover the benefits of recycled jewelry. Perhaps it’s time to sell old jewelry.

There are so many reasons to recycle jewelry, including helping to save the environment. Unfortunately, the environmental impact and hardships that workers may face when mining for gold, diamonds and other precious metals and stones, can be high:

  • Water and soil pollution

  • Adds to landfill

  • Poor working conditions

  • Families relocate

Recycled Jewelry Options:

  • Make Money: If you want to sell jewelry, it is in your best interest to do a little homework and locate a reputable dealer. Many of our clients are referred by their friends, family members or co-workers. Others come to National Estate Jewelers based upon our stellar reviews. In addition, check with the Better Business Bureau® to see whether the dealer is accredited and the associated rating.

  • Keep it in the Family: Speak with family members who may enjoy the piece. You may want to gift or sell it to them. Not sure what it’s worth? We offer FREE Evaluations on Tuesdays.

  • Donation: Consider donating a piece of jewelry to a non-profit organization – a great way to help raise funds for your favorite charity.

  • Be Creative: Whether you have a piece of unwanted gold, a bracelet with a few missing gemstones or one diamond earing – recreate, restring or use it in a different way. Costume jewelry can also accessorize a purse, bag or shoes.

Make that old gold gemstone necklace into a new gold gemstone necklace and help save the environment and the health of some miners. If you want to sell old jewelry that no longer interests you, or want to learn more about recycled jewelry, please come to us… we are buying. Become part of the solution and RECYCLE!

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