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Discover the Dazzle of Lab-Grown Diamonds at National Estate Jewelry Buyers

Diamonds are often a symbol of love, coming from the Greek word adamas - meaning unbreakable. Perhaps it’s now time for you to buy that special diamond for that special person - confidently. Many people coming to National Estate Jewelry Buyers often ask whether it is better to purchase a lab-grown diamond or a mined diamond. Providing unbiased information to our clients helps them understand the benefits of each.

For some, purchasing a mined diamond is important - it’s the mystery and glamour of nature’s miracle, as well as maintaining the tradition of our parents, grandparents and so on. However, lab-grown diamonds are becoming more and more trendy - popular and sought after, especially as their quality and size reaches new levels.

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

  1. Real Diamonds: Sometimes referred to as man-made diamonds or lab-created diamonds… lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, just like mined diamonds. They are not duplicate diamonds - such as Cubic Zirconia.

  2. Origin: Lab-grown diamonds are grown in one of two ways - Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) in a lab, whereas mined diamonds, are naturally formed 1 - 3 billion years ago beneath the surface of the earth. Thanks to highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology, the natural growing process is able to be duplicated.

  3. Same Gradings: GIA labs certify lab-grown and mined diamonds the same way - using the 4C’s (color, cut, carat and clarity).

  4. Multiple Benefits: Lab-grown diamonds are generally less expensive, often kinder to the environment and offer peace of mind knowing the origin, in comparison to mined diamonds.

National Estate Jewelry Buyers is a family owned business proudly serving the tri-state area for the last 50 years (21 years in East Brunswick NJ). Our certified professional buyers - GIA Graduate Gemologists, Numismatists, Horologists, Precious Metal, Designer Brand and Custom Jewelry Specialists provide the professionalism, knowledge and care our clients deserve in order to make an educated and confident decision, especially when buying a diamond. Our one-on-one private consultations provide safety, security, and confidentiality.

Whether you are buying a diamond ring or replacing a lost diamond, buy with confidence. Call 732.257.GOLD (4653) and schedule an appointment. Come in and ask your questions, we will never rush or pressure you. If you are interested in a lab-grown diamond or mined diamond, we will help you find the perfect stone. National Estate Jewelers is conveniently located at 212 NJ-18 in East Brunswick, next to the FedEx office.

“I lost one of my diamond earrings and Barry helped me find a new one that matched! It was a great experience and my new earrings are beautiful! Thank you, National Estate Jewelry Buyers!” - Jennifer S.

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