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People in the tri-state area are coming to National Estate Jewelers of East Brunswick, NJ to sell their coins. There are many reasons to sell a single coin or an entire collection:

  • Need cash

  • Raise money to start a new coin collection

  • Settle an Estate

  • No longer holds an interest

  • Starting a new hobby

  • Inherited, but no sentimental value

For those unable to come to our store, we offer convenient home appointments.

Every coin collection is unique! At National Estate Jewelry Buyers, our Numismatists and trained jewelry professionals are ready to evaluate your coins with our no pressure offer. In fact, our clients enjoy learning about the history associated with some of their more valuable coins - both domestic and international.

A gold coin may travel from person to person, ending up in the possession of someone who is unaware of its true value. Factors that determine the value of a gold coin include purity (how much gold is in the coin) and rarity - year, origin, etc. In addition, silver coins make many journeys, without the newest owner aware of its true value. Factors that determine the value of a silver coin include year, mint mark and grade.

If you are considering selling a single coin or an entire collection, here are some valuable tips:

  1. Timing Is Everything: Gold and silver prices are at an all-time high - a great time to sell. In addition, valuable coins or collections may generate an increase in value around the holidays.

  2. Plan B: Sometimes coins are inherited or accidentally found by a spouse, significant other, sibling or child, after a loved one has died. Please tell someone you know and trust about your collection and its current value. At National Estate Jewelry Buyers, professional appraisals are available.

  3. Sell with Confidence: At National Estate Jewelry Buyers we buy all types of gold, silver and platinum coins, including bullion, numismatic, commemorative and proof coins. Rest assured, when you sell your coins to National Estate Jewelry Buyers, you'll be paid top dollar. Simply call (732) 257-4653 and schedule an appointment - just like Marlo M. Read the 5-STAR Google Review:

“If you find yourself in a position where you need to sell estate coins, jewelry, etc. you want to work with National Estate Jewelry Buyers. From the initial phone call to the home visit Barry made, we felt we were in the best hands. Barry is compassionate, trustworthy and incredibly knowledgeable. Very friendly and laid-back, no pressure whatsoever. He spent an entire day with us and the offer he made was top-notch. The whole transaction was effortless. I highly recommend NEJB and Barry!”- Marlo M.

National Estate Jewelers is nationally recognized for over 21 years as the leading buyer in the Tri-State area. We are also Pawn Brokers - your coins may have loan power! National Estate Jewelers is conveniently located at 212 NJ-18 in East Brunswick, next to the FedEx office. To learn more, please call (732) 257-4653.

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