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Can I Shower with Jewelry?

The Holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and special occasions hold many wonderful memories. Perhaps you received some beautiful jewelry that you will always cherish. In order to protect those gifts, please be careful when showering. It would be a shame to have them lose their luster or become damaged if you decide to shower with jewelry.

Many clients come to National Estate Jewelers to buy jewelry for a loved one, friend or family member. Our Team of Gemologists, Horologists and precious metal specialists are always available to answer any questions regarding the care of items purchased. We put some tips and recommendations together to help you decide if you should shower with jewelry:

  • Can gold get wet? In general, if it is solid white or yellow gold, you can shower with it - but, while the metal will be ok, you do run the risk of having it lose its shine over time, especially with some harsh chemicals that may be found in water. The other concern is that a ring that feels “secure” may become loose due to cream products used in the shower.

  • Can gold plated get wet? Gold plated should not be worn at all in the shower because it may cause the gold layer to simply wear off.

  • Sterling silver in shower? Sterling silver can be worn in the shower - as it will not damage the metal, but it can affect the look of the sterling silver over time, it may even become darker in color. Silver plated can tarnish, especially with harsh chemicals that may be found in water, shampoos and lotions.

  • Showering with platinum, just like pure gold and sterling silver may eventually reduce its luster and shine. In addition, it may become darker in color.

  • Certain metals, such as copper should not be worn in the shower because it may turn your skin green.

  • Whether or not your watch is, “water-resistant” or “water-proof” we do not recommend showering with it, especially if the watch has not been pressure treated (recently) or does not have a screw down crown (which should be finger tight against the case). Moisture may affect the internal mechanism. Please avoid touching the buttons on the watch. Additionally, products used in the shower may eventually affect the plating of the watch.

  • Pearls are a definite, “NO”. Pearls are delicate - the surface of the pearl and the silk thread can become compromised. Some soaps are abrasive, making pearls susceptible to scratches. In fact, we recommend using a soft cloth to wipe away any oils or perspiration that may accumulate on the pearls.

  • Jewelry should not be kept in the same room as the shower because the mist and steam may become problematic. So, be safe and do not shower with jewelry or keep it in the same room.

  • Can diamonds get wet? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but should be removed and safely stored when showering. Wearing diamond studs, a diamond necklace, bracelet or any diamonds in the shower can reduce their sparkle and brilliance (blocking the light that allows them to shine). Various changes in water temperature may result in gemstone fractures. Mountings and clasps may become loose, if shampoo, conditioner or lotions, as well as hair or dirt accumulate underneath.

An occasional shower with jewelry, will probably be ok - especially if proper care and cleaning follow. To maintain the twinkle, keep mountings secure, and mechanisms functioning properly, regular check-ups are recommended. To learn more or for jewelry maintenance, please call National Estate Jewelers. We would be happy to answer your questions regarding - Can gold get wet? Can diamonds get wet? Can gold plated jewelry get wet? We are conveniently located at 212 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ - next to the FedEx office. Stop in or call 732-257- GOLD (4653).

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