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Fast Cash Mailer



National Estate Jewelry Buyers, Ltd., and its subsidiaries, National Estate Jewelers INC. or Estate Jewelry Buyer NYC LTD  are jewelry brokers for the purposes of this transaction and do not lend money or advance cash secured by jewelry. Further, the client understands that all sales are final and upon payment from Estate Jewelry Buyers LTD., or its subsidiaries, the jewelry in question becomes the sole property of the broker and seller shall have no right or claim to the property.




  1. The seller of the jewelry certifies under penalty of the perjury that the seller is eighteen years (18) or older and can provide proof of their age and residence with a government issued identification card, such as a driver’s license or passport.

  2. That they are the sole owner(S) of the jewelry or valuables in question and no other person or party has or can make a claim thereto.

  3. That the jewelry to be sold was obtained by lawful means and the payment requested will only be used for lawful purposes.




  1. Complete the attached form and submit a copy of your driver’s license or passport.

  2. Request a pre-paid FedEx label and a unique serial numbered bag from our website.

  3. The package is shipped using the FedEx label supplied by our firm and packed in a FedEx box. You may not use a paper or padded envelope.

  4. The package being shipped must be signed for by a FedEx associate. 

  5. A receipt showing the tracking number with time and date of shipping is required. 

  6. All packages must be hand delivered to a FedEx associate and scanned at a FedEx office, DO NOT USE a drop box or an unstaffed drop-off location. 

  7. For any package over the client’s stated value of $1000, the Client must call 1-866-2-Barry-1 (1-866-222-7791) or send an email to FastCash@National and request a higher insurance value.

  8. For packages valued over $1000, our firm will provide a double box.




We pay the highest prices for jewelry and valuables! We offer the most secure way to send your valuables! We pledge the following:


  1. We will provide a safe and secure shipping method with insurance to our clients in every transaction. 

  2. Within 48 hours upon receipt of the package, NEJB will contact the client to schedule a video conference call with the client where the package will be opened, and the conference recorded. In the event the client is unable or unwilling to participate in a video conference call, the package will be opened under video surveillance. 

  3. Once the package is opened, the Client will be receiving an offer either telephonically or by electronic mail or text.

  4. Upon acceptance of the offer by the client, a check will be mailed or ACH wire transfer will be sent within 24 hours by our firm.

  5. The client shall have 48 hours upon receipt of the offer to reject said offer. 

  6. If the amount offered by our firm is not accepted, and an agreeable price cannot be negotiated the merchandise will be returned to the Client, at our expense.




  1. This offer is void where prohibited.

  2. All transactions are final.

  3. Any disputes regarding any transaction shall be governed by New Jersey law and the parties affirmatively agree that any dispute must be prosecuted in the State of New Jersey under a court of competent jurisdiction herein.

  4. Our firm and its subsidiaries are not responsible for the acts and or omissions of third-party service providers including but not limited to delivery service providers. Any merchandise damaged, lost or stolen while in the custody of said provider is the sole responsibility of that provider and our firm does not warrant or guarantee their services and disclaims all liability for their acts.

  5. Our firm is not responsible for merchandise lost or damaged due to acts or actions beyond its control such as acts of war or terrorism.  Further, we are not responsible for items lost or damaged through any act of nature, including but not limited to fire, flood, wind, earthquake or other such casualty.

  6. Liability of our firm and its subsidiaries will be limited to either the dollar amount stated by the Client or the amount offered by our firm, whichever is less. It is agreed that this limit shall be binding on the Client and any other person or entity, or successor or assigned.

  7. If the Client is providing his/her own box and paying his/her own shipping using his/her own shipping method and therefore paying for his/her own stated insurance, Our firm will not be responsible for the package or insurance coverage while the package is in transit.

  8. Our firm will not have any monetary responsibility until the contents of the package are evaluated by one of our experts.

  9. It is suggested that the Client creates an inventory list and takes photographs of the contents of the package being shipped, keep a copy and enclose a list of all items being shipped to us along with the Client’s name, address, and phone number, directly on the list.

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